“Building a house is an overwhelming task to think about when starting out.  So many decisions, seemingly so many things that can go wrong, and most importantly, so many actions that go in to the building of a house that a home owner will never watch happen.  There is no question that the single most important decision in building a house is builder selection and the most important characteristic for selecting that builder is trust.  From my first meeting with Aspen and John Eyen, I always had a high level of trust and comfort.  Throughout the entire process, he was open, honest and helpful.  John and I talked about every decision without feeling like he did not have the time or did not care.  He worked with us on every aspect to make sure we understand all the options and we were happy with the plan.  There was no A team, B team and C team, there is John’s team of great subcontractors who work with him because he does what he says he is going to do and he is loyal. Our experience with john was as good as I could hoped.  He built a beautiful home that to this day has had not issues whatsoever.   More importantly, even today, my family and I know John not only as the builder who built us a fantastic home, but as a friend.”

- Jim Schaeffer

Won’t find a builder with more integrity than John Eyen! Aspen came in on budget, helped us design and build the house of our dreams. In addition to no surprises, the craftsmanship is of the finest quality. Wouldn’t hesitate to use Aspen for future projects. Most impressed with John’s continued support more than 3 years after moving into our home. John has shown up at our house on short notice to look at non-construction related issues, and has been fantastic coordinating the people needed to fix those problems.

- Stephen D. Smith


Aspen Construction completed construction on our house in Clarendon Hills in 2016.  As part of our process of choosing a builder we spoke to numerous people that had built homes in Clarendon Hills and Hinsdale with multiple different builders and the consistent feedback on John and his team was that they were great to work with, produced an amazing product and the post-build support was amazing.  We chose Aspen on this basis and they have delivered on each of these items of feedback in spades.  John and his team were organized, maintained a clean work environment and creatively addressed each of the issues that came up during our construction process.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail was amazing, and Aspen’s creativity in proposing in proposing on-site, in-build cosmetic design elements, particularly in ceiling design, was fabulous. Moreover, Aspen delivered our dream house both on schedule and within budget.  All of that is impressive, but the post-construction support truly sets John and his team apart.  On multiple occasions over the 3 years since our house was completed, John has taken the time to come to our house to address the inevitable post-build issues that arise, even if they had nothing to do with construction.  He has been over to our house to assist us in getting into our house when we were locked out, to check out a hot water heater that was leaking when we were out of town and otherwise on multiple occasions to address typical post-build issues.  All it takes is a phone call, and John usually calls us back or comes to the house within 24 hours.  We cannot say enough good things about our home building experience with Aspen.

- Jen & Adam Beringer


My wife Karen and I decided to build a new home in Hinsdale in 2013.  We were introduced to John Eyen from Aspen Construction when we were first considering the project, which involved assessing the feasibility of renovating an existing home relative to new construction.  John’s advice was objective and invaluable as we evaluated our options, ultimately opting for new construction.  While we have owned many homes, we had never designed and built a new home.  We selected our architect, Dennis Parsons, and commenced architectural and engineering design work, with John and his partner Dean McCarron supporting the process at each step.  4 months later, demolition and construction began, with John and Dean leading our project team.  They were superb to work with over the next 19 months, with a day to day focus on construction, timing, creativity and cost.  Aspen’s subcontractors were solid, on time, well organized and uniformly friendly and easy to work with;  they had worked with Aspen on many projects in the past and the relationships were seamless.

John and Dean bring complementary skills to the partnership, which provided the right balance between creativity/beauty and practical construction disciplines.  They were available 7×24 for important decisions, for problem solving and for supporting/supervising the group of subcontractors on the site each day.  The project was completed in 19 months, from demolition to move-in, and Karen and I are absolutely delighted with our new home.   They have also been there for us when we have experienced minor issues post move-in, always prepared to stop over and help.  They are great to work with and we give them our highest recommendation.  In fact, we consider both our friends.

- Fritz and Karen Henderson



“We purchased our home in 2007 after it had already been completed by Aspen Construction. Although we didn’t make our own finish selections, I felt everything selected was very tasteful and of good quality. Compared to other new homes we looked at, Aspen’s was without a doubt the best quality construction, lacking the obvious errors we saw in others. John Eyen has always been friendly and responsive when we have had questions, even now, 4 years after our purchase. I think he takes a lot of pride in his work, and it shows.”

- Jennifer Westerberg

“We moved into our Aspen built house in 2006 and have been very happy with the workmanship of the home and service we have received from John Eyen. Whenever we had a question or a concern, he was right there with the answer or help that we needed, and is still on call if anything should come up. Not long after we moved in, the Village of Hinsdale experienced a prolonged power outage due to a ferocious storm. John came over with a portable generator to be sure that our basement did not flood. It was so thoughtful and truly saved our home from a lot of damage. That is the kind of service you can expect from John and from Aspen Builders.”

- Matt & Karen Fiascone

“Our experience with Aspen was great. John’s attention to detail, delivery on commitments and continued follow-up truly made our experience with Aspen Construction enjoyable.”

- Steve Schnur

“When we decided to rebuild our house, we bid the project out to several builders. John came out as the clear front runner — his proposal was competitive, but more importantly he intuitively understood our needs. We have never looked back: John is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is responsive, flexible, and his integrity is beyond reproach. Throughout our 6-month project, he dealt with every question or issue, no matter how trivial, like it was his #1 priority. The quality of his work is impeccable and he continues to stand behind his homes long after the project is completed. Building a new home can be an inherently stressful experience — working with a builder like John goes a long way toward mitigating that stress and allowing you to enjoy the excitement of creating your ideal home.”

- Byron J. Paul, Hinsdale, IL

“We bought our Hinsdale home built by John Eyen and Aspen Construction in October 2009. The home is beautiful, well built, functional and blends perfectly with the character of the community. We love all of the architectural details from the vaulted tray ceilings to the crown moldings and custom cabinetry.  Not only have we been extremely happy with our new home but we have also received excellent followup from John. Any questions, minor finishing touches or issues have been dealt with quickly and to our complete satisfaction. We would definitely recommend John and Aspen construction if you are considering building.”

- Karen Vena

“Buying a home from Aspen Construction has been a great experience.  Working with John has been easy.  He was always there for anything we needed.  We would buy another one of his homes again!”

-Mike and Donna DeCaigny

“Aspen Construction built our house in 2004 and we were very pleased with the process and results.  The home-building process can be challenging, but Aspen made it easy and transparent.  John Eyen and his construction team were easy to work with and timely completed the project.  We also appreciated Aspen’s local presence and commitment to having only a small number of outstanding projects at a time.  Overall, we would be very comfortable using Aspen again for any home-building or home-remodeling project.”

-Jay & Heide Novatney

“A year ago we finished the construction of our dream home.  It was a dream made true by John Eyen from Aspen Construction.  We came to meet John upon seeing some of his quality work in Hinsdale.  Soon after that, and after much research, my wife and I decided that we wanted to build a custom house and that the best man for the job would be him.
The building process was a great experience.  John’s passion for the work was evident at every step.  His can-do and collaborative approach made the construction of our home actually quite enjoyable.  He had a superb capacity to conceptualize all projects.  As a result, it seemed like every step of every job was falling right in place.  There were no surprises except for his never ending ideas on how to improve on already great architectural designs.  He always stayed on budget and true to the timing he set forth at the beginning of the process.  John is honorable and honest.  Just listen to how his family, friends, customers, and sub-contractors speak of him!
John has remained very attentive to any and all of the adjustments that any new construction will inevitably require.  It is not unusual to see him drive by to “check on things”.
But the real bonus of having worked with John, besides the superior quality of our home, is that our families have become close friends.  But I must confess that his affinity for good red wine has also been a great plus.’

-Dr. & Mrs. Munoz

“We bought a house that was built by Aspen construction two years before we acquired it. We have been very pleased with the quality of our home. From time to time we had some minor modifications made and Aspen construction has always been on-time and everything gets done in line with what was agreed. We normally have these things done during our vacations and are invariably delighted on our return to find that everything has been finished, cleaned and looks as if it has never been different. This is completely hassle and paperwork free (other than having to pay the bill, but that is fair enough). We get along with John Eyen very well. He is fun to work with and has never caused us any headaches. Time and opportunity allowing we would like to think that one day we will be building our next home with John.”

-Marcel Smits